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Ta Li New Material International CO., LTD.
 was established in 2001 on the basic of innovation, value, service and quality as the foundation for a long-term business success.
Our capability of producing quality products efficiently and cost effectively in shorter lead-time to valued customers' satisfaction is our goal.

Our company was founded in 2001, engaged in rofessional R & D and production of luminous material, developed in 2012 by the luminous hyper chromic agent, after a long period of clinical trials, the success of the global ornamental fish market into a revolutionary innovation, as long as fish reaches a size of 3 cm can be using this luminous hyper chromic agent after use fish only in normal or daylight can be a natural color, turn off the light or at night in a black environment, fish can produce spontaneous luminous effect (do not need to use any light auxiliary), can indeed reach the day and night, two completely different viewing with luminous aquarium decorations or luminous silicone, able to take-out in the daily busy, intense work to one kind of leisure and quiet taste of life.

Glowing Silicone (glow in the dark silicone)

Can be widely used in the construction industry, construction industry, decoration industry, fire ... use exactly the same as the general silicone usual time of sustainable under normal light absorption of light to save the silicone, the advent of night or when power outage, power outage, the original use of this product by adhesion or fill will automatically light, do not need any electricity, and is a match, energy saving, carbon reduction, safety, environmental protection, innovation, green energy, building materials, the use of this product not only at night to play a warning in case of emergencies (earthquakes, power outages, fires ...) can also indicate the escape, fleeing in the direction do not need any electricity product is the public lives and property to ensure the real last line of defense!

Luminescent Material .

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