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Acropora acuminata

  • Acropora acuminata
  • Acropora acuminata
Model No.︰TMC-002
Brand Name︰GLOW FISH
Country of Origin︰Taiwan, China
Unit Price︰US $ 10 / pc
Minimum Order︰1000 pc
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Product Description

Showing the natural color of this product under normal light, without electricity can be sent in the dark luminous effect, suitable for use in advanced aquarium decorations, landscaping, and is also suitable as a senior gifts or tourist art and home layout, welcome to wholesale and distribution or ODM production, the delicate texture and general products on the market a great segment, and at night to watch the product can reach the relaxing effect of body and soul.

Specification︰FRP L:12 W:10 H:7 CM 80g
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